It's that time of year-- It's summer! My, has the time gone by! I love to reflect on what I've accomplished this time of the year. Half a year has gone by already, and I believe its the perfect time to create new goals, look back on our new year's resolutions, and reset/get organized in order to maintain a productive rest of the year. The thought of this might result in a bit of dwelling, but its probably necessary in order for us to look past mistakes and grow from them. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

    Some exciting news I have to share: I finally got a workspace/studio!
    For some time now I had been yearning for a separate space of my own to take my blogging to the next level. I learned that time management and an incessant desire was my own personal key to making things come to life. I'm so excited to share the place with you guys!

    On a fashion note:

    This week's outfit was inspired by minimal and retro vibes. I've been obsessed with turtlenecks since last year, and they've come a long way as high neck collars and mock necks have been all the rage. One thing that will never change-- my love for the color, black. It goes with everything! :)

    About the brand:


    Styled: Adelaide Crop Top & Suit Up Shift Dress

    See more of their super cute gear here:
      Sequin Dresses - Body Suits - Cocktail Dresses - Prom Dresses - Party Dresses - Body Con Dresses - Midi + Maxi Dresses

    Attention to Details:

    Black Perspex Heels - Public Desire
    Nobody Cares Bag - Kill Star Co
    Basic Beanie