By some miracle, I found three pairs of shoes on one website that fit my style aesthetic. After trying them out for a week, I decided it was time to share these beauties with the world. Shoes can take you places -- both literally and figuratively. Don't give up on finding your perfect pair!

    Pair 1: The everyday shoe.

    You can probably wear this to any occasion. May it be formal, casual, business, party wear... am I missing something? This pair is timeless, and I'm a huge fan of anything that can be worn several times without being realized. I'm loving the cut-out style borrowed from the classic loafer, with an accented block heel for some "oomph". In my opinion, these are perfect to sport with some white socks.

    Pair 2:  The lazy, yet cute sandal.

    We all have those days we wish we could just slip on some slides or toms. These sandals are great for manipulation. Aka, trick people into thinking you're trying when in reality, you're comfy af. These sandals are so. perfect. I can't get over the interestingly shaped pink heel and toe wrapped portion of the sandal. The heels definitely remind me of legos, which makes the shoe playful and cute yet edgy, but also different from any usual sandal.

    Pair 3: The fairy princess shoe.

    When you want to conjure your inner fairy princess, these are the perfect pair of shoes to complement the mood. I mean, just look at them. Need I say more? Never in my life would I have thought I would come across such beautiful shoes for an affordable price. These are ballerina/forest fairy fusion at its finest.

    About the store:


    Zaful is an online store for women that carries just about everything we search for on a clothing site. While their selection is huge, I'd suggest browsing their shoe selections based on my experience. I initially started browsing Zaful looking for clothes. I digressed as I usually do, and came across these three amazing pairs of shoes. I'd like to add that all three of these are great in quality, and comfortable to wear. I'm amazed that quality isn't compromised for the price-- something that is truly hard to find. I 100% recommend these to anyone who is thinking of purchasing. I've tested them and have had no problems with comfort or quality. I think we can all agree that they all look 100% like the product photos on the website, so trusting this website is definitely no issue!

    If you're a fan of these 3 pairs, take a look at my other favorites from their site!
    I hope to be able to do another shoe review from this particular website, soon!
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