Us Angelenos are finally welcoming in the new fall season. Up until last week, we were still sunbathing in our usual 80 degree weather. It’s finally here! — the brisk air, the hot teas, the fall coats. Fall is my perfect weather. I have a thing for stepping on dead, crunchy leaves and waking up to cloudy, overcast skies. 

    I’m falling in love with grey.
    For my coordinate, I styled an all grey look with black accessories. 
    It just so happens that all the blacks in my look include some kind of buckle. 
    I do have a thing for matching pieces when I plan out my outfits, and I unconsciously do this for most of my looks.
    If you’re a fan of a minimal or timeless look, be sure to add some accessories or details that will help your outfit pop in the right areas. I’m not saying go overboard, I’m saying less is more. Since the weather isn’t super cold yet, I can afford to show some skin if I have a light sweater on. To me, the color grey reminds me of fall weather. Maybe the gloomy grey skies are the reason why I correlate the two together, but either way the color grey is staying in my fall wardrobe. 

    What I’m Wearing: 

    Hush Up Knit Sweater - Delphine the Label 
    Nancy Skirt - Deandri
    Bad Kitty Backpack - Isabelle Batz
    Chunky Flats - Zaful
    Restrained Choker - Delphine the Label